Standby testing/Waitlist status at UiO

Standby testing is available for the GRE Subject tests.

Waitlist Status is available for the SAT - but not for candidates aged 21 or older. See the SAT website for more information.

Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis for those who come on the day of the test. We will do our absolute best to accommodate as many standby/Waitlist Status candidates as possible.

Standby/Waitlist status procedures for test takers

When: 8:00 am or earlier the day of the test
Where: University of Oslo, Blindern
What to do: All standby/Waitlist Status candidates must sign the appropriate list, and form an orderly queue. The standby/Waitlist Status list will be posted at the entrance to Lucy Smiths Building, Problemveien 7.
What to bring:

  • Proof of Waitlist Status for SAT tests
  • Completed Subject test registration form downloaded from GRE website, if possible. Bring creditcard for payment if not!
  • Acceptable identification (passport, driver's license, bankcard with a photo, etc.)
  • HB or #2 pencil(s), pencil sharpener and eraser

For more information:

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