Academic associations

  • BABEL Film Club
    Film club that focuses on films from the Middle East and North Africa
  • Congregatio Forensis
    Congregatio Forensis offers practical, academic and social activities to law students campus life and encourages interest in business and finance related topics.
  • Ebla Student Bookstore
    Student bookstore that sells books secondhand.
  • Education Students in the Union of Education Norway, at UiO
    The Education Students (ES) in the Union of Education Norway is a politically independent trade union, working to promote the interests of student teachers.
  • ELSA - Oslo
    ELSA Oslo is part of the European Law Students' Association, and offers valuable academic and international experience alongside everyday studies.
  • English Masters Society
    English Masters Society is a student-driven organization aimed for students enrolled in the masters programme in language, literature and area studies at ILOS.
  • Forening for Organisasjonspsykologi (FOP)
    FOP is a student association for students with a particular interest in organizational/industrial/work psychology.
  • Grevling
    Grevlings formål er å skape et godt sosialt og faglig studentmiljø for lektorstudenter på linjen kultur og samfunnsfag.
  • Health student’s council
    We wish to convey students' feedback across internal organizational levels. We work on establishing a good connection to the administration, as well as the health sector and work life.
  • Korean Studies Student Association
    Korean Studies Student Association will represent the students at the University of Oslo who are interested in learning about Korea and the Korean language.
  • Kulturhistorisk Fagutvalg
    The purpose of Kulturhistorisk Fagutvalg is to create social and cultural-history focused events for students on the Kulturhistorie program at UiO.
  • Lektorprogrammets Programutvalg
    We work for the welfare of the students and their rights, and also to improve the course and organisational parts of the pedagogy courses.
  • LRO Oslo
    1. Prevent drug problems among adolescents 2. Increase students knowledge of drugs
  • Mathjelpen
    The Clinical Nutrition Students’ Food Information
  • Medical Students' Mental Health Information (MMO) Oslo
    Our goal is to contribute to more openness and information about mental health, as well as gather the subject areas psyche and soma. Treatment of patients will not occur.
  • Mino.Jur
    Mino.Jur is an organization for minorities at the Faculty of Law. The aim of the organization is to create networks and contacts among minorities, and contribute to professional development.
  • MSO
    MSO Oslo is an ideal organization by medical students at the faculty of medicine, University of Oslo, working with sexual health information.
  • Naturviterne student UiO
    Naturviterne is a trade union for everyone with an higher eduction and degree within the natural sciences.
  • Norwegian Medical Students' Association Oslo
    Norwegian Medical Students' Association (NMSA) is the student body of the Norwegian Medical Association. In addition, it is a non-governmental organisation and the medical students labor union.
  • Oslo Surgical Society (OCS)
    Oslo Surgical Society is an association for medical students at UiO. We want to increase students' interest in surgery by letting them learn simple surgical skills under thorough and safe guidance.
  • Samfunnsviterne UiO
    Samfunnsviterne UiO is the student group for the labor union Samfunnsviterne, the union for all workers educated within the broader fields of social science and humanities.
  • SonoStudMed
    To arrange courses in point of care ultrasound for medical students at the University of Oslo.
  • SPE Oslo Student Chapter
    SPE SC is an organization for students who are interested petroleum. We have meetings where you can network with working professionals and students from other universities in Norway and international.
  • Student council of Nutrition
    The EFU consists of 2 representatives from each class, and its purpose is to contribute social and academic input for the students.
  • Student Initiated Education in Medicine
    Peer assisted learning at the Medical Faculty, University of Oslo
  • Students' Feminist Association
    The purpose of the association is to promote interest in feminism and gender research through social and cultural activities for members of the association and others interested in gender research.
  • Students' Initiative on Foreign Affairs (SIFA)
    SIFA is an association for students interested in international relations. The association aims to establish a forum where students can discuss relevant topics from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • The Norwegian Association of Physics Students
    The Norwegian Association of Physics Students is an organization consisting of Physics students from all over Norway, and this is the part of the organization that belongs to UIO
  • The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
    The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
  • The Oslo Student Society of Emergency Medicine
    We are students who are interested in emergency medicine and we wish to increase interest for this through social and academic means.
  • The Student Council at the Faculty of Social Sciences
    The Student Council for all student at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UiO.
    To work for promotion of pharmacy and it's community by creating a common social platform for men on the pharmacy study which is in minority
  • Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Oslo
    The Association's name is Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Oslo, daily YATA Oslo. The Association is governed by YATA Norwegian National Board and the Norwegian Atlantic Committee (DNAK).
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