Humanitarian associations

  • Amnesty Jus Oslo
    Amnesty Jus Oslo (AJO) is an Amnesty International subgroup at the Faculty of Law.
  • Amnesty Student Blindern
    Amnesty Blindern is a student group working for human rights.
  • Dental Health Students Without Borders - UiO
    TUG UiO's purpose is to promote humanitarian work within dental health amongst students, as well as arrange social and relevant humanitarian activities for the associated members.
  • Effective Altruism UiO
    EA UiO tries to find the most effective ways to make this the best possible world. By joining us you can participate to exciting projects, inspiring discussion meetings and social activities.
  • Friends of the Earth students in Oslo
    We are a student group for all students concerned with climate change. Make friends and raise awareness together with us. Events like seminars, cabin trips, green pils, meet-ups and campaigns.
  • Funkisstudentene
    We work with promoting interests of the members who define themselves as UiO-students with a disability or chronic illness. We are a social meeting place and spread knowledge about the cause.
  • Future in our hands Oslo student
    We are an organization working practically with environmental and solidarity issues.
  • IAESTE Oslo
    The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience.
  • ICJ-Student
    International Commission of Jurists is an international human rights organization, founded in 1952, with a secretariat based in Geneva. The organization has a norwegian branch.
  • Juridisk klimaforening
    The association works at various levels to ensure a living climate for the future, and will work on how legal tools can be used in solving the climate crisis.
  • LovLedning
    LovLedning is an organization run by students at the Faculty of Law with the aim of offering free legal guidance to minority groups.
  • Medical Students' Humanitarian Campaign
    Medical Students' Humanitarian Campaign.
  • Norwegian People's Aid Solidarity Youth Blindern
    Norwegian People's Aid Solidarity Youth Blindern.
  • Pharmacist Without Borders, Student group Oslo
    The name reflects that the organization mainly consists of pharmacist with the mission to provide humanitarian help without being limited by a geographical location.
  • Psychology Students Without Borders Oslo
    Psychology Students Without Borders (PUG) aims to enhance psychology students' cultural competence, and highlight how psychology can contribute in the face of social challenges.
  • Redd Barna Blindern
    We are a student organization working to create knowledge about and work together with Save the Children Norway.
  • SAIH Blindern
    SAIH (Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund) is a politically independent solidarity and aid organization at Norwegian universities and colleges.
  • SOS Children's Villages UiO
    Humanitarian association for all students in Oslo who works with the aim to ensure that all children get a safe upbringing. This will be done through activities that support SOS Children's Villages.
  • Spire Oslo
    The Development Fund's Youth Organisation
  • Start UiO
    Start, as in START your own business! We are a student organization for everyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Studentkorpset
    We can make a difference! Studentkorpset's purpose is to engage students to contribute to TV-Aksjonen (NRK Telethon).
  • Students Without Borders
    Students Without Borders is an student-driven organization at UiO, relying on mutual cooperation with Doctors Without Borders (MSF).
  • The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America
    The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America (LAG) is an independent solidarity organization.
  • The UN Students Oslo
    The UN Students works with spreading information and engage and create debate on UN related issues and other social concerns.
  • Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
    The accessability of important medicines and public health technologies in poor nations is profoundly affected by the research, patenting and licensing decisions made by universities and governments.
  • Wine and World Problems
    Social society at UiO, where the main theme is social medicine.
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