International and ethnic associations

  • African Student Association
    This is an association that is open to all students, both from Norway and abroad. We focus on Africa as a continent, both academically and socially.
  • Erasmus Student Network
    Our goal is to represent international students, and help them to integrate in to norwegian society, as well as in to the university`s environment.
  • International Students' Union
    ISU UiO is a branch of ISU Norway, a non-profit organization run for and by international students.
  • Kurdish Studen Association KSF
    Kurdish Student Association at University of Oslo, Blindern
  • La Comunidad
    La Comunidad is an association organized by spanish students at UiO. The association is an open arena for people with special interest in the spanish language.
  • Latin American Association Student chapter (LAF Studentlag)
    LAF studentlag is the student chapter of the Latin American Associaton. Our goal is to share information about Latin America as well as the Spanish and Portuguese languages with students in Norway.
  • Saemien Studeenth Oslovisnie
    Sami student association in Oslo.
  • Syrian Student Association
    -Making an Arabic Language Cafe and get students to know with the Arab culture -build bridges between the Syrian and Norwegian people -let Arab students know higher education in Norway
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