Music and performing arts

  • Akademisk Korforening
    UiO’s official mixed choir
  • A Scalpella
    - Mixed choir for medical, dentist and nutritionist students in Oslo.
  • Biørneblæs Student-Orchestra
    Biørneblæs is the Student-Orchestra at the University of Oslo, Campus Blindern.
  • Cabaret Intime
    Cabaret Intime is a part of Juristforeningen ("The Jurist Association") at The Faculty of Law and organizes an annual student revue.
  • Chorus Mixtus
    The Law Faculty´s Mixed Choir
  • Corpsus Juris
    The Law Facultys's student band. We play together, travel and try to entertain (ourselves and others, mostly in that order) as much as possible.
  • Dancing Doctors
    Dancinggroup for students of medicine, odontology and nutrition.
  • De Forente Noter
    The purpose of De Forente Noter is to be a student choir that promotes unity and creativity among the students at the Bachelor programme for International studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Det Medicinske Søsterskab
    The purpose of the Medical Sisterhood is to promote the joy of singing and sisterhood among female students at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Glædeskoret Justitia
    Girls' choir at the Faculty of Law
  • Homemade Music Society
    A low-bar place where people can show themselves and share homemade music, covers, mashups or mixtapes. Also, meet and chat with other people and inner artists! Target group: music lovers
  • Kling Kokos
    Kling Kokos, Department of Psychologys' student choir at the University of Oslo. Founded 2007.
  • Kor i Granskauen
    The association's purpose is to provide an untraditional and rhythmically focused choir for young adults and students in Oslo.
  • Medicinsk Paradeorchæster
    Norway's oldest academic student orchestra
  • Medisinerstudentenes revy
    Traditional revue produced and arranged by students at the Faculty of Medicine, Nutrition and Odontology at the University of Oslo.
  • Oslo Medical Girls' Choir
    Choir for female students studying either at the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Dentistry at UiO
  • RF-Regi
    Student association for everyone interested in DJ-ing or rigging and managing concerts, dance floors, school plays and everything else that involves audio, lighting and stage.
  • Sangvinerne
    Male voice choir at The Faculty of Medicine
  • Schola Cantorum
    A choir primarily for music students.
  • STRYK Orchestra of Students
    Studentorchestra for people that play violin, viola, cello or bass on a hobby basis. Our members are amature string players below the age of 30.
  • Tannlegerevyen
    An annual revue made by dental students.
  • Teater Neuf International
    Teater Neuf International (branch of Teater Neuf) is a community engaging with English language theatre for students and others. It holds 2 shows yearly, in the winter and spring.
  • The Norwegian Student Choral Society
    The University of Oslo's official male voices choir
  • The Women's Choral Society of The University of Oslo
    The official female choir of the University of Oslo, founded in 1895.
  • UV-Revyen
    To sing, dance, play, put on a show and HAVE SOME FUN!
  • Yo mama theatre group
    Norwegian speaking theatre group.
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