Special interest groups

  • Academic bridge club
    Club for card game bridge. We play competitive bridge, under the Norwegian bridge federation.
  • Acem Student Group
    Student group at UiO for anyone interested in Acem Meditation
  • Artificial
    Amateur art association at UiO
  • Art of Living Student Organization Oslo
    Art of Living offers activities that eliminates stress, gives a sense of belongingness, recovers human values and encourages everyone to meet in a celebration of and service to life.
  • Blindern pubbingo association
    BPF invites you to late nights with bingo. We pay tribute to the most best thing Norwegian culture has to offer, "bygdestemning". We are known by togetherness, good vibes and great prizes.
  • Blindern Rockeswing
    Blindern Rockeswing is a student organization at University of Oslo.
  • Coffeeread
    A good book is best with a cup of coffee. In Coffeeread we'll meet to discuss good books while enjoying a cup of coffee.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Students Oslo
    Make friends, make stories and adventures together in a fantasy world you create. It’s Skyrim without limits – and with multiplayer. Come and try it out at our cool events -- now with pizza!
  • Friminutt
    We are a social union for everyone! We want to do different activities, especially canonball.
  • JF Dans
    Dancegroup for the Faculty of Law at UiO
  • Kaffeforeninga
    The main purpose of the Coffee Association is to disseminate knowledge about coffee with an emphasis on culture, taste and brewing techniques. The association is open to all students.
  • LEGIO XV Apollinaris
    Legio XV Apollinaris is a student group for those that are interested in Roman history, reenactment and handworks.
  • Lilliputians painting association
    Miniature figure paintingclub for students at UiO
  • Oslo CTF
    A noob-friendly group for cyber security enthusiasts focusing on learning through workshops and CTF. CTF is short for Capture The Flag, which is a category of competitions in ethical hacking.
  • Oslo Go club
    The term "Go", refers to the board game "Go", which the club revolves around.
  • Oslo Students' Craft Brewing Guild
    We are here to be the best student brewers around. We focus on the intricate knowledge of brewing and related disciplines and teaching each other about these subjects.
  • Portal Space
    Our aim is to promote Norweigian space activity and innovation by giving students the opportunity to develop space technology.
  • Steinbiten aquaclub
    Aquarium Society for all interested at the Department of Biosciences.
  • Student Chess at the University of Oslo
    Association for all students in Oslo who are interested in chess.
  • Studenternes Sjøfartsselskab
    The purpose of Studenternes Sjøfarts Selskab is to arrange sea voyages for its member.
  • The Oslostudents Radioclub
    To promote the amateur radio hobby for everyone interested.
  • UiO Gaming
    UiO Gaming is a student organisation that aims to create an inclusive environment around gaming and e-sports for the students at UiO.
  • UiO Smash Bros.
    UiO Smash Bros.'s purpose is to cultivate the scene of the popular fighting game series Super Smash Bros. at UiO through tournaments and other social events.
  • Universum Panton
    This club exists to establish a place where people who are fascinated with the starry sky can observe it in detail and learn a bit of astronomy!
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