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Rooms for belief and religious practice

There are rooms for belief and religious practice in both the Frederikke building, Domus Teologica, Domus Medica and Domus Juridica.

The University has three rooms in the Frederikke building dedicated to belief and religious practice. The entrance in next to SiO Athletica. The rooms and the accessories must be treated with respect.


  • Room for contemplation, praying and lighting candles
  • The room is consecrated and holds regular services
  • The room is open for organized use after 17:00 on weekdays

The Faculty of Theology has a chapel in the basement of Domus Teologica which is open all day.


  • Room for Muslim prayer (salah)
  • Whoever enters must take off their shoes
  • The room is open for organized use after 17:00 on weekdays

There is also a room for prayer in Domus Medica (follow the entrance to the reading room B and C on the ground floor by the copier).

Room for Faith and Reflection

  • Rooms for other beliefs and religious practices other than those maintained by the chapel and mosalla
  • Time for organized use can be reserved on the board outside the room
  • Boxes in the room can be used for storage in agreement with the University Chaplains

Common to all three rooms is that they must not be used for:

  • Political meetings or activities
  • Commercial purposes
  • Dining
  • Unauthorized storage

Practical guidelines

  • Users are jointly responsible for keeping each room tidy and in good condition
  • Suspension of posters / pictures must not happen in space
  • Only posters related to student associations can be hung up on the tables outside

Any disputes, questions about use of the rooms, as well as damage or maintenance needs, is reported to the University Chaplains.


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