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The humanist university chaplain

Bildet kan inneholde: panne, briller, smil, hud, leppe.
Else Werring is the humanist university chaplain.

The humanist chaplain is someone you can talk to if you are experiencing difficulties or if you just need to air your thoughts. She will think aloud with you about ethical and existential questions, such as identity, friendship, choice, meaning(lessness), love, grief or loneliness. She also works to create social venues exploring ethical/existential issues relevant to student life.

The humanist chaplain is a supplement to other student welfare services in Oslo. Else is employed by The Norwegian Humanist Association, but can talk to anyone, regardless of faith/world view. Conversations with her are free and subject to confidentiality.

You can find Else on Wednesdays at UiO’s Blindern campus, in the chaplaincy office outside Bunnpris. On Fridays, she is at OsloMet’s Pilestredet campus in P52 (Studenttorget).

You can also meet Else at OsloMet Coffee Hour every Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m, outside Pilestredet 52.

If you want to talk to Else on other days, you can go for a walk with her, talk online or meet at a café.



Telephone: 92 61 27 26