Welfare Services

Student housing

SiO offers around 7500 places to stay for students.

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Student cafeterias

SiO operates around 40 on-campus restaurants and cafés with a varied selection of menus, including vegetarian and halal food. Prices are student friendly.

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Student counselling

SiO has a team of professional counsellors to whom students can turn for advice in academic, financial, or personal matters.

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Student health services

The student health centre has general practitioners, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologist and dentists ready to see patients on an appointment basis and to deal with emergencies.

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Student sports

A variety of activities are available for individual exercise or under the supervision of fully qualified instructors, in both indoor and outdoor facilities.

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Student Kindergartens

Having children should not be an obstacle to study. SiO has 11 student kindergartens with a capacity of approximately 600 children aged 8 months to 6 years.

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The Student Welfare Organization in Oslo and Akershus (SiO)

SiO works to enhance the overall educational experience by providing a wide range of affordable services. Students pay a small fee each semester for this (generally, exchange students are extempted from paying the semester registration fee).