Type of housing

Housing for exchange students

Exchange students (bachelor and master level) admitted for one or two semesters are guaranteed a furnished single room.

Exchange students are normally not eligible to apply for internal moving. This means that you can not apply for another type of housing after you have been granted an offer from SiO.
Exceptions to this rule may be granted in certain circumstances.

Staying for just one semester?

At Sogn Student Village SiO is offering a fully equipped housing option for students staying for one semester only. These units have everything you need, including a bed, chair, desk, duvet and pillow, as well as equipment for cooking and cleaning.

You share the kitchen and bathroom with 3 – 6 other students, depending on which residence you get.

For more information about SiOs one semester, fully equipped housing option, please see the information about Sogn Student Village on their website.

Please note that students staying for two semesters are not eligible for this housing type.

If you consider extending your stay at UiO from one semester to two semesters, we recommend applying for other housing options at SiO, as the housing contract on this specific housing option cannot be extended.

Housing for master's degree students

Master's degree students can apply for furnished or unfurnished single room. Please note that type of room is subject to availability, and you are not guaranteed a furnished room.

If you would prefer a different room or student village, you can apply for internal moving after you have moved in. You find more information about internal moving on SiOs website.

The information for master's degree students applies to the following groups:

  • International students who applied for Master's degree programmes by 1 December
  • EU/EEA students (not including the Nordic countries) who applied for Master's degree programmes by 1 March.
  • Students financed through Quota, NORHED, NORPART (Master's- and PhD Level)

Furnished room

All furnished rooms include a bed, closet, desk, chair, bookshelf, and table.

Unfurnished room

All unfurnished single rooms are unequipped. This means that you will have to obtain essentials such as a bed, desk, chair etc. on your own.


SiO Housing has 22 different housing villages spread around Oslo and nearby areas. You can apply for any housing village that offers single rooms.

You can read more information about the different housing villages on SiOs website.

Most international students live at Sogn, Ullevål or Kringsjå. These are the largest student villages, and are most likely to have available rooms.

Please note that Åråsen student housing is located 1 hour away from Oslo with public transport.


The price of rent will vary depending on location, room size and whether you have shared kitchen/bathroom facilities or not.

Most students pay somewhere between 3000 NOK and 4500 NOK in rent on a monthly basis.

Family and couple apartments

These housing options are not included in the housing guarantee and can not be expected to be provided from the beginning of your stay, due to very limited availability. This means that you can expect to be on a waiting list for a very long time (longer than one year).

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