Student societies

In Norway many people are active members of a voluntary organization. The organizations serve as a meeting place and the tradition of voluntary work is very common in Norwegian society.

Why join a student society?

Joining a student organization allows you to participate and make friends during your stay in Oslo. You can be part of a team and gain experience important for your personal development as an exchange student. All student organizations are initiated and run by students themselves.

More than 200 active student societies, clubs and organisations

There are societies for students on particular study programmes, social clubs for specific faculties, and societies for the pursuit of hobbies and interests. Among the latter are theatre groups, choirs, publications, political societies and special interest groups.

In the meny on the left side of this page, you will find a list of student societies at UiO. Here you can select the organization of your choice and find out how to join.

SiO Associations supports student organizations and provides training and practical support to organizations. If you need any help on how to run an organization, apply for financial support or start up a new organization, you can visit their office on campus (next to the Akademika bookstore) or send an e-mail to

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