Political societies

  • Attac Student Association
    ATTAC is an international organization opposing neo-liberal globalization and instead developing social, ecological, and democratic alternatives so as to guarantee fundamental rights for all.
  • DKSF
    DKSF is associated with the Norwegian Conservative Party (Høyre), and the European Democratic Students, EDS.
  • European Students Oslo
    European Students Oslo is a part of JEF Norway and is a cross-party organization focused on EU-related topics.
  • Extinction Rebellion UiO
    Extinction Rebellion UiO is to encourage a dialogue around the climate crisis at UiO. We will hold lectures, group conversations and creative means to put the climate crisis on the political agenda.
  • FAKS Oslo
    FAKS Oslo is a party-politically neutral student organization that is open to all students who see themselves as conservative.
  • Kristine Odgaard Jacobsen
    The student fraction of the Socialist Left Party of Norway in Oslo
  • Labour Students Union Oslo
    Because the Labour Students Union Oslo is subordinate to the Oslo Labour Party. It's is currently led by Stian Michalsen as Chairman of the Board and me as Deputy Chairman of the Board.
  • NTL Ung students in Oslo
    NTL Ungs student group in Oslo is open for students who wish to volunteer to work with union related politics at the university.
  • Oslo Green Students
    Oslo Green Students is the Oslo branch of the Norwegian Green Party's student organisation.
  • Studentmållaget i Oslo
    Student organization for promotion of the New Norwegian language and culture.
  • Students Against the EU Oslo
    Students against the EU Oslo (SmEU) is a party-politically neutral organization who works for democracy, environment and solidarity and we see that Norway should stay out of the EU because of this.
  • The Red Partys Student Group
    The Red Party
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