Societies at departments

  • Archaeological Student Organization
    The archaeological student organization aim to make contributions towards the academic and social environment among students and others, with an interest for archaeology and conservation.
  • Cybernetisk Selskab
    Cybernetisk Selskab is the society for informatics students at the University of Oslo.
  • Den medievitenskapelige linjeforening
    Den medievitenskapelige linjeforening is a student assosiation for they who studies at the Departement of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo.
  • Fadderstyret ved Institutt for informatikk
    The associations purpose is to plan and arrange the study start week for the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo.
  • Farmasøytisk Fagutvalg
    Student Council, School of Pharmacy
  • Frederik
    Student society at the Department of Economics
  • Gæa Norvegica
    Gæa Norvegica is the student association at the Department of Geosciences.
  • HiveMind
    HiveMind may refer to a collective consciousness in which a group of people become aware of their commonality and think and act as a community, sharing their knowledge, thoughts, and resources.
  • Ifi-makers
    An association mainly at institute for informatics consisting of makers. Usually have workshops at Åpen sone for experimental informatics.
  • Kjemiforeningen Proton
    Chemistry Student Society
  • Metaforeningen at PSI
    Meta-Foreningen shal facilitate for healthy student-club activities at PSI.
  • Navet
    Ties students closer to business life.
  • Psykologisk selskab
    To further the social environment at the Institute of Psychology at UiO and to create bonds across the different years and programmes.
  • Sosialantropologisk Programutvalg
    Students association at the Department of Social Anthropology.
  • Student Council at the Department of Mathematics
    Student representatives at the Department of Mathematics.
  • Student Council of Chemistry
    The Student Council of Chemistry represents students at the Department of Chemistry.
  • Student Council of Informatics
    Students' representatives Department of Informatics
  • The Association of social Anthropology
    The association aims to organize social-curricular activities for students at the bachelor and masters program in social anthropology and others that have interest in anthropology.
  • The student council at the Department of Special Needs Education (FU ISP)
    The student councils at the institute level (FU ISP) is the grassroot level of the student democracy, who work to improve the educational and social quality for all students at ISP.
  • Veneficus Students' Society
    Veneficus Students' Society is the pharmacy students' association at School of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo. The word "veneficus" means poisonous in latin.
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