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Lectures, exam dates and curriculum.


  • Special exam arrangements
  • Writing and handing in assignments
  • Explanation of grades and appeals
  • Diploma and transcripts

Services and tools

Norwegian language courses

Learn Norwegian all year around.

The International Summer School

22 June – 2 August 2019


  • Registration and semester fee
  • Student ID and student card
  • Recognition of education
  • Confirmations

Special needs and leave of absence

If you have a disability, dyslexia or medical condition giving you a disadvantage in your studies you might be provided with special needs provisions for your everyday study situation. Or you may need to apply for leave of absence, postponed start of studies, or require reduced study progression for a period.

About studies

Credits and grades, academic calendar, regulations, quality assurance and more.

The Career Services

Career counseling, workshops on job search and help with the CV and cover letter.

Speak up about the learning environment

We encourage you to speak up when you are satisfied or see a way to improve something.