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Study programmes

A study programme is a continuous course of study comprised of courses and course groups. The length of study programmes depend on the degree to which they lead.

UiO’s study programmes include:

  • One-year programmes
  • Three-year bachelor’s programmes
  • Five-year master's degree programmes
  • Six-year programmes of professional study
  • 1½ - and 2-year master's degree programmes that build on bachelor’s programmes

Study programmes in English

The University of Oslo is currently offering more than 40 master's degree programmes taught entirely in English. The University does not currently offer any bachelor's degree programmes taught in English.

Master's degree programmes in English

Admission for international applicants

Bachelor’s programme

A bachelor's programme is a three-year programme (180 credits) which leads to a bachelor's degree. Many bachelor's programmes has a fixed structure, while you in other programmes can choose courses and course groups more freely. In programmes where you can choose more freely, you have to compile the programme according to guidelines set by the university to achieve a bachelor's degree.

One-year programme

A one-year programme is an independent programme comprising 60 credits. A one-year programme can often be uses as part of a bachelor's degree, or it may be an independent unit such as the one-year programme in educational theory and practice.

Master’s degree programme - 1,5 or 2 years

Master's degree programmes are based on the academic specialization in the bachelor's degree, and leads to a master's degree. Master's degree programmes have a duration of 1,5 or 2 years (90 or 120 credits), and includes a major independent, written work. UiO also offers some master's degree programmes based on a three-year professional education, such as nursing, as well as some experience-based master's degree programmes based on a combination of education and work experience.

Master - 5 years

UiO has a number of five-year study programmes which start at undergraduate level, but which upon completion gives a master's degree. This category includes the study programmes in nutrition, pharmacy, teacher education, dentistry, law and economics.

Programmes of professional study - 6 years

Each of the six-year study programmes in medicine, psychology and theology gives their own degree;, cand.psychol. and cand.theol.


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