How to apply in the UiO online application service for incoming exchange students

The University of Oslo (UiO) uses an online nomination and application system (Søknadsweb) for incoming exchange students.

Students who have been nominated by their home institution will receive an email with password and instructions on how to complete their application.

Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021

Due to the uncertainty around the ongoing pandemic, the University of Oslo (UiO) has cancelled all incoming and outgoing exchange for Autumn 2020. For Spring 2021 UiO will accept students from partners in Europe only.

Students who were nominated to exchange studies for one or two semesters starting in Autumn 2020 have to be re-nominated for studies starting in spring by their university. The deadline for nomination and application for studies starting in January 2021 was 15 October.

The ongoing pandemic still causes considerable uncertainty, and we advice students that the coming semester is subject to change. In Spring 2021 the courses at UiO will be a blend of online and in-class courses, depending on the situation. Due to the ongoing pandemic there may also be alterations to the start of semester activities. We recommend partners and students to follow the information on our website for new international students.

See also information about current measures in response to the Covid-19 situation.

If you decide to cancel your exchange to UiO in Spring 2021 you should let us know by sending an email to

Autumn 2021

The nomination and application service will open in February for nominations and applications for exchange studies starting in August 2021. The deadline for nominations and applications is 1 May.

How to log in to the application service (Søknadsweb)

Use the link in the email sent to you after nomination to go to the online application service:

  • Log in with your registered email-address and password (sent in separate email).
  • If you did not receive the email with the password you may order a new password on the login page.

Step 1 : My profile (contact information)

Choose address format (International format) and enter your correct postal address in your home country. Please make sure to enter your complete home address (and not address of your university):

  • Address Line 1: Register your street address and number correctly. 
  • Postal Code - City: Enter both postal code / zip code AND name of city. Please also enter state/province if applicable.
  • Country: Choose your country from the list.
  • Mobile: Register mobile phone number with country code.

Click on "Save" to continue. You will then be directed to the application page.

Please note: If it is not the first time you log in, you must go to the "My profile" section from the top menu.

Step 2: My application

To complete the application you must choose/confirm the faculty and the level for your courses and list the courses you plan to take.(Click on "Change application" if you do not see the page with the box at the bottom). :

  • Choose faculty and level: Choose the correct faculty and level (bachelor or master) from the menu. The choices available will depend on which exchange agreement you are nominated on (some students will have only one choice, others will have several).
  • Enter list of courses: Write the courses you wish to take in order of preference in the box at the bottom of the page, called "Extra Information". Example: "1. ENG0111, 2. ARK2120, 3. NORINT0110", etc..
  • PhD/Traineeship/Joint Degree: If you are a PhD-student, a traineeship student or Joint Degree student, please indicate this in the text box (by writing "PhD/Research" or "traineeship/joint degree" etc.).

Please note: If it is not the first time you log in you find the "My application" section in the top menu.

You may apply for courses at other faculties than the one you will be admitted to, and you may list more than three courses (or 30 ECTS). See the list of courses offered in English to find course codes etc.

The University of Oslo will make effort to enroll you into the selected courses. However, the availability of all courses that you request at the time of admission can not be guaranteed. The enrollment can only be confirmed after your arrival and is dependent upon the timetabling of the courses and the number of places available in each course.

You will be able to register for more/other courses when the course registration opens in the beginning of December/June. See registrations for exchange students

Step 3: Upload documents

All nominated students must upload the required documents to complete their application. The faculty you apply to will use the documents when processing your course choices.

Required documents for Erasmus+, EEA and Nordplus/Nordlys students:

  • Transcript(s) of records in English (official document showing previous courses at university level).

Erasmus+ students may upload the Learning Agreement (LA) for studies with their online application or hand it in to their faculty/department when the semester starts. Please note: It is the faculty you are admitted to which signs the agreement.

Your faculty/department will sign the Learning agreement and return it to you when you have completed your course registration and have been admitted to courses at UiO. Pleas see registrations for exchange students for contact information.

Students coming on a traineeship must upload their Traineeship Agreement. Please read about Erasmus+ traineeships on our website about Erasmus+

Required documents for Bilateral students (not Erasmus+, Nordplus/Nordlys and EEA students):

  • Transcript(s) of records (official document showing previous courses at university level).
  • Translations of the transcripts in English or a Scandinavian language (if applicable).
  • Copy of English test (does not apply for native speakers), see English proficiency requirements for exchange students.
  • Statement of purpose/letter of intent (a few lines or maximum one page about yourself, your academic interests and why you wish to study at UiO).
  • Copy of the identification page of the Passport.

How to upload documents

The first time you go through the application sequence, you come to the page called "Uploading documents" after choosing faculty/level and indicating course wishes as described above.

You upload documents by clicking on the grey button on the middle of the page (called "+ Choose New document", under the headline "Submission deadline").

Transcripts should be uploaded as "Transcript of Records or Diploma" (under Choose Document Type). You must also indicate relevant name of institution and date (where and when the document you are uploading is from). Documents may also be uploaded as "Other" (without indicating name of institution and start date).

Please note: If it is not the first time you log in, you must go to the "My documents" section in the top menu (the 'step by step' process is only active the first time you log in).

If you have documents stored in the "My documents" folder from previous applications, you don't have to upload the same documents again. If you for example upload a new motivation letter or an English test, we will always check the date and consider the newest one.

Problems with uploading? See our guidelines for uploading documents


Applications should be completed online well before:

  • 15 October for studies starting in the spring semester (January - May or January - December)
  • 1 May for studies starting in the autumn semester (August - December or August - June)

UiO's partner institutions must nominate students and upload their supporting documents in the University of Oslo online nomination system, preferably before 15 April and 15 October.

Submit the application

Please note that you may log in again to change the application or upload more documents until the deadline.

Your application will have the status "Under consideration" until we have finalized the processing of all the applications (about one week after the deadline 1 May / 15 October).

Admission letter

Admission letters will be available for applicants who have complete applications about one week after the deadline (mid May / late October). The admission letter is electronically approved and valid without a signature, and must be downloaded from Søknadsweb. We do not send letters on paper.

Accepting the offer of admission

Admitted students must confirm the offer in the online application service (Søknadsweb) before 28 October 2020. Only students who confirm the acceptance of the offer before 28 October and apply for student housing before 1 November will be considered for student housing by SiO (the International Student Reception will send the list of students.who have confirmed their offer to the SiO Housing Office at the end of October). Please see website about housing for students accepted to an exchange programme Spring 2021

PhD candidates

Please note that exchange students on the PhD level will not be given student status at the University of Oslo, but are treated as guest researchers. These students will not receive the regular admission letter but must contact their host department for academic and practical follow up.

After admission

The International Student Reception supports incoming exchange and degree students coming to UiO. Please see the webpage New international students for important information about preparing for your exchange and the start of the semester.

Contact us

If you have problems with Søknadsweb or other questions about the application process, you may contact the Student Exchange Office at

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