Guidelines for uploading documents

Both nominators and students can upload documents through UiO's nomination and application portal. 

Please follow these guidelines for uploading documents:

Make sure your scans are easy to read

You can scan your documents using a mobile camera or a scanner. Please make sure that the document:

  • Includes all text on the front and reverse side.
  • Is merged or scanned into one file if the document consists of several pages.
  • Appear ‘right-side up’ 

PDF is the preferred format

To make sure we can easily open your documents, please use PDF format. Do not upload ZIP, RAR or other compressed files as these cannot be opened in our document viewer.

Choosing the “type of document” category in the application portal

Which category you choose is not really relevant. If you don’t find a fitting category for your documents you can upload them under "other documents" as "letters".

Want to check if we have received your documents?

You can see which documents you have uploaded by consulting the ‘My Documents’ folder in your application. If you find your documents here they are also available to us when we process your application.

Delete documents

When we process your application, we lock your documents from being deleted. This means that you can delete documents right after uploading them, but it is not possible to delete documents from previous applications.

Have you applied before and want to reuse your documents?

If you have documents stored in the "My documents" folder from previous applications, you don't have to upload the same documents again. If you for example upload a new motivation letter or an English test, we will always check the date and consider the newest one.


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Published Oct. 7, 2019 9:38 AM - Last modified Sep. 4, 2020 2:08 PM