Admission to master's programmes for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

When to apply

Study programmes starting in January

  • The application portal opens 15 September.
  • The application deadline is 15 October.

Study programmes starting in August

  • The application portal opens 1 February.
  • The application deadline is 1 March.

    1. Are you qualified?

    Does your academic background meet the admission requirements? You should thoroughly research prospective programmes and their specific admission requirements.

    You can apply for up to three prioritized programmes.

    2. Financing

    There are no tuition fees at the University of Oslo, but as a student you will need a minimum of approximately NOK 11 500 per month in order to cover basic expenses.

    3. Do you meet our English language requirements?

    Are you are taking an English language test? Please be aware that:

    • IELTS and TOEFL test dates fill up quickly.
    • Be sure to schedule your test in time for the results to reach us within the application deadline:
      • 1 March for study programmes starting in August
      • 15 October for study programmes starting in January

    See how to document your proficiency in English

    4. Preparing your documents

    Make sure that you have all the required documents ready, and that they are in the correct format (pdf).

    5. Completing your degree/relevant courses in the application semester?

    Within the application deadline 1 March/15 October you must upload:

    • a list of the courses you are registered for this semester with the expected date for completion.

    You can document that you are taking subjects this semester by uploading either a screenshot of your subject registrations for this semester from your student portal, your own statement of subjects you are taking this semester or a confirmation from your institution.​

    If you are granted an offer of admission, you will receive an email with a deadline for uploading final documentation.

    6. Registering your application

    The application portal is closed.

    Apply in our application periods:

    • 15 September - 15 October
    • 1 February - 1 March

    All supporting documents must reach us within the application deadline.

    Your application will be considered invalid if you have not uploaded any supporting documents within the deadline. Invalid applications will not be processed.

    7. Reprioritize your alternatives

    You may reprioritize your three programmes until

    • 1 March for studies starting in August
    • 7 December for studies starting in January

    It is not possible to add programmes after the application deadline 1 March.

    If you are offered admission to your first priority you will not be offered admission to your second priority.

    8. Getting your application results

    When the admission results are ready you will be notified through your registered e-mail address.

    You will receive your application results on

    • 2 May for studies starting in August
    • 14 December for studies starting in January 2017

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