Admission to master's programmes for applicants from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland

When to apply

Admission is once a year:

  • The application portal opens 15 October.
  • The application deadline is 1 December.

Studies start in August.

1. Do you have the required academic background for the programme you want to apply to?

Admission to UiO is highly competitive. Approximately 5 % of international applicants are granted admission.

2. Can you document your financial ability?

You must document your ability to finance your stay in Norway, in order to be granted a student residence permit.

The required amount  is currently 121 220 NOK. 

See how to document your financial ability

3. Do you meet our English language requirements?

Applicants who are not native English speakers must document their proficiency in English by taking an internationally recognised English test.

Schedule your test early enough for the results to reach us within the application deadline.

See how to document your proficiency in English

Applicants from English-speaking Africa, or applicants with a degree taught in English from India, Pakistan or the Middle East are not exempt from submitting an English language test.

4. Do you have all required documentation?

Check our documentation requirements and make sure you have all the required documents ready.

You do not need to send any documents by post, however, for certain countries, we require that specific documents are sent directly from the issuing institution.

Are you completing your bachelor's degree in the semester after the deadline?

As UiO cannot grant conditional admission to non-EU applicants, you are unfortunately not qualified to apply at this time.

5. Registering your application

The application portal is now closed.

When you have checked that you are qualified (as mentioned in step 1-3), you can register your application through UiO's application portal in our application period: 

15 October - 1 December

  • Register your application and upload your supporting documents in UiO's application portal. Enter your name as written in your passport.
  • Use one email address to avoid creating multiple user IDs/applications.
  • Follow our guidelines on how to upload documents.
  • Your application will be considered invalid if you have not uploaded any supporting documents within the deadline. Invalid applications will not be processed.
  • You can apply to up to two prioritized study programmes.

6. Getting your application results

You will receive the result of your application in April/May.

When the admission results are ready you will be notified through your registered e-mail address. You will then be able to see the result of your application in UiO's application portal.

If you are offered admission to a study programme, you will be given a short deadline to respond.

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