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The Quota Scheme

The Norwegian Quota Scheme is a funding scheme offered by the Norwegian Government to students from developing countries in the South and countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and in Central Asia.

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The Norwegian Quota Scheme is currently being revised by the national authorities. Updated information regarding the future of the Quota Scheme will be available from October 2015.

The main objective of the Quota Scheme is to contribute to capacity building through education that will benefit the home country of the students when they return home.

Quota funding

Quota funding covers student housing and basic living expenses for one person during the study period. The funding is given as part loan/part grant by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. After completing the programme and returning to the student’s home country, the loan part is converted to a scholarship. If residence is taken in Norway within ten years after termination of studies, the scholarship is converted back to a loan and must be repaid.

Programmes and study options offered under the Quota Scheme

Quota applicants may apply for selected Master's degree and PhD programmes. Applicants studying Scandinavian studies in their home country may apply for a One-year Advanced Norwegian Language Programme. Students from selected institutions may apply for the Sandwich programme as exchange students.

Quota Scheme requirements

Applicants must fulfill all the requirements listed in the Rules for the Quota Scheme.


Applicants from developing countries in the south and countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and in Central Asia are eligible to apply for Quota funding. Applicants who live in another country than their country of citizenship, either temporarily or permanently, can not apply.

Institutional Cooperation

Only applicants from institutions with which the University of Oslo has a formal cooperation agreement are eligible to apply. Preference is given to applicants who are linked to active and ongoing formalized cooperation/projects within the specific subject area.

How to apply under the Quota Scheme

Master's applicants under the Quota Scheme (and applicants to the one year advanced Norwegian language programme) follow the same application procedure as regular international Master's applicants

Please note that the application process for PhD and Quota Sandwich applicants differs from that of the above.

Published Aug 26, 2014 12:10 PM - Last modified Aug 5, 2015 11:25 AM