Scholarships and scholarship programmes

Scholarships are available under programmes such as Erasmus, Nordplus and the EEA Grants/Norway Grants programme.

There are no scholarships available for students on bachelor's degree programmes.

Scholarships for students on exchange programmes

Grants and scholarships are also available through short-term mobility programmes, such as the Erasmus programme or Nordplus/Nordlys programme. Usually, these grants that are awarded automatically to students admitted to the programme.

Exchange programmes and bilateral agreements.

Science without Borders (SwB), Brazil - Norway

The Science without Borders programme offers scholarships to Brazilians students to study at the University of Oslo for one or two semester at bachelor or master level.

Science without Borders

EEA Grants/Norway Grants

The EEA programme offers study abroad scholarships for students from selected countries in Eastern and Southern Europe.

EEA Grants/Norway Grants

The International Summer School

The International Summer School (ISS) offers intensive master's and bachelor's courses over six weeks and has scholarships available.

The International Summer School

The Quota Scheme

The Quota Scheme is being discontinued.

Other scholarships

If you are not qualified for any of these scholarships, you may be eligible for other scholarships offered by public or private institutions in your home country.

Unfortunately, the University of Oslo may not help you with information about this. Please also see scholarships (

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