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Capture the flag with Kripos: OP Brøgger

UiO Career Fair 2019 opens with an exciting challenge from Kripos: a game based on realistic missions with a focus on digital traces and investigations through the internet. Do you accept the challenge?

Do you have an investigator within you?

Criminals are using technology as an important resource to implement organized and serious crime. They can easily use new technology and new services to commit serious crimes which affects society on a large scale. Can your digital skills contribute to Kripos success in the technological race against criminal?   

How to take part

Through a realistic game you will be able to investigate and solve tasks for Kripos.

  • Put together a team consisting of 1-5 participants. We recommend a team of 4-5 participants. At least one of the participants have to have a UiO username.
  • The game consists of nine missions with great variety, and a team consisting of different expertise can be an advantage
  • The team has 24 hours to solve the game, but it is also possible to solve it in less time.  
  • All the missions are based on tasks that Kripos face and methods they are using in real investigations. Throughout the game you will be familiar with different parts of Kripos, and particularly the part which works with investigation on the internet and other digital traces. 

Prize for the winning team

The winning team will get an exclusive guided tour at Kripos, which can be adjusted based on the interest of the team.  

The solution will be presented and the winning team will be announced at Frederikke Tuesday 24th September kl 12.00.


Registration is available one week before the game starts, and it is possible to sign up until the day the solution will be presented.

Sign up at Kripos

Do you need a team?

Do you want to participate, but you don’t have a team? The student organization Insj UiO will put together teams so that everybody can participate.

I want InsjUiO to give me a team

About Kripos:

Kripos is the police’s national center which aims to fight serious and organized crime. Kripos has expertise on, and provides assistance in, tactical and technical investigations. Kripos is a point of contact for international police collaboration. There is around 620 employees at Kripos. Half of the employees have police education, while the rest have backgrounds as engineers, laboratory technicians, chemists, social scientists, journalists, translators, photographers, lawyers and IT-professionals. The National Cyber Crime Center opened 1. January 2019 at Kripos. They are going to hire over 100 new staff members the next couple of years and are looking for people who can contribute in solving criminal mysteries where digital traces are a central part.

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