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Candidates instructions for written examinations on paper

Are you preparing for a digital examination? Read the candidates instructions for digital examinations instead. See also information about the use of wristwatches during examinations.

1. Before the examination

  • Remember to bring a valid picture ID (student identity card, passport, driving licence or bank card).
  • Outer clothing, bags, handbags and similar items must be placed in the designated area. Mobile phones, smartwatches and other electronic equipment must be turned off and packed away, and must not be kept in outer clothing or pockets. Wristwatches must also be put away and not kept in outer clothing or pockets.

2. During the examination

  • At the start of the examination only writing implements, permitted examination support materials and food/drink should be on the desk.
  • The senior supervisor will come around with a list of candidates with candidate numbers. You must produce a valid ID.
  • Your examination answers should be written on the paper that has been handed out in the examination room. Your answers must be written in blue or black ink (ballpoint pen when using carbon paper). Make sure that your handwriting is legible.
  • You may not leave your desk unless accompanied by an invigilator. If you would like to take a break, raise your hand and wait until an invigilator arrives.
  • Any communication between candidates, or anyone else you meet during a break, is prohibited.
  • Breach of the rules may be regarded as cheating or attempted cheating. This may lead to annulment of the examination and exclusion from UiO and other Norwegian universities and university colleges for a period of up to one year.

3. Withdrawing from an examination

  • You can withdraw from an examination 30 minutes at the earliest after the examination has started, and only after your ID has been verified. Contact the senior supervisor and confirm that you wish to withdraw from the examination. Do not submit the answer paper. Withdrawal during an examination counts as an examination attempt.

4. Illness during an examination

  • If you become ill during the examination and are unable to complete, you can withdraw from the examination. Contact the senior supervisor and confirm that you wish to withdraw from the examination. Do not submit the answer paper.
  • For the withdrawal caused by illness to be registered as legitimate absence, you must visit a doctor immediately upon leaving the examination venue. A medical certificate must be issued on the day of the examination indicating whether the illness arose during the exam. The medical certificate, accompanied by an application for a re-scheduled examination if applicable, should be sent or submitted to the faculty that is responsible for the examination within the normal deadlines. Authorized legitimate absence does not count as an examination attempt.

5. When you have finished

  • At the end of the examination all writing must stop and your answer paper must be ready to be handed in. The candidate number, subject, date and page numbers must be filled in during the normal examination time. If you do not follow these rules, the invigilators will note this on your answer paper.
  • Scrap paper may not be submitted as part of the answer paper.
  • When using carbon paper you will be given an extra 10 minutes to separate the sheets. Place the white original in the white cover and the yellow copy in the yellow cover. You can retain the green copy yourself.
  • After an invigilator has checked your answer paper at your desk, you may hand in your answer paper yourself to the senior supervisor's desk and produce a valid ID.

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