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Verification of academic qualifications and Diploma Registry

Individuals can choose to share their higher education records with employers and others via the digital Diploma Registry.

Diploma Registry

Via the Diploma Registry, a person can share their records from UiO (or another institution of higher education in Norway) in a secure and simple way. Individuals may:

  • Retrieve their own records in digital format
  • Share their results digitally with their employers, foreign educational institutions, or anyone else they choose.

More information about the Diploma Registry

Using the Diploma Registry to verify academic records and qualifications is a quick and easy way to verify education -and degree history. In most cases, the Diploma Registry can replace the more time consuming verification services outlined in the next section.

Contact UiO

You may also send your request, via physical post, to:

University of Oslo
Department of Education Services
Box 1072 Blindern
N-0316 OSLO

If you do not have a copy of the diploma or transcript, please send us the name and date of birth of the person who has submitted the document. In this case we can only verify the exams the person has passed and the degree the person has been awarded.

The University of Oslo does not provide any other information about the person.

Please note:

  • Requests may be sent via parcel post. Due to the handling time involved with physical correspondence, requests sent via our web form generally receive the fastest response.
  • The server that routes messages to our response queue limits attachment size: attachments that are 7.5 Megabytes or larger will not be accepted. You may send multiple attachments so long as they are under the size limit.
  • We do not complete third-party forms as a part of our verification services.
  • Verification of present or previous employment at the university is carried out by the Department of Personnel Support. Please send an e-mail to with requests of this nature.

Do you need to confirm information about yourself?

See how to confirm information about yourself on our web page, Confirmation.

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