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Privacy Protection and Research Papers

When writing a research paper (e.g. bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, etc.) in which you wish to include sensitive information, medical information, or other personal information from individuals, there are a number of requirements you must satisfy in addition to formally securing permission before you can begin work.

What types of research do these guidelines cover?

The requirements described here apply to all internally and externally funded research at UiO where personal information is used – whether in quantitative or qualitative form.  

Limitation: These guidelines do not cover personal information used in medical and health studies research. See UiO’s web pages For Employees regarding routines and guidelines for handling of personal information in medical and health studies research.

What responsibility do student researchers have for research participants’ (respondents or informants) privacy protection?

The student researcher’s responsibilities include:

What responsibility do you as a research paper author have for the personal information you gather and use in your work?

You are responsible for the privacy of the participants in your research project (respondents and informants) when you use their personal information.

Your responsibility covers all phases of the research project:

1. During the planning/start-up phase

The planning or start-up phase is the part of the research project that lasts from the conceptual development/application (for funds and/or permission) stage until the data collecting process begins.

During this phase, your responsibilities include:

2. During project implementation

The implementation phase is the part of the project that comprises data collection and analysis of the collected data (personal information).

Your responsibilities during this phase include:

3. At completion

The completion phase comprises the part of the research project when the data analysis is complete and the collected data (personal information) must be deleted, anonymized, or transferred to others for further retention.

During this phase, the project manager is responsible for the following tasks:

Data classification and data storage

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