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Infection control measures in Silurveien

The following infection control measures are still active at Silurveien. 

The most important thing you can do

The most effective way of limiting the spread of Corona virus is to stay at home if you are ill or have symptoms of infection.

Read about illness at exams here: Illness at exams / postponed exams

Students in at-risk groups

Students in at-risk groups for contracting Covid-19 can contact their faculty for guidance. Providing documentation, you can also apply for special examination arrangements.

Infection control in the exam rooms

Dispensers with rubbing alcohol are located at all entrances and in several places in the rooms. There will also be disinfectant wipes available if you wish.

Only half of the seats in the exam rooms are used. No one will be sitting directly next to each other. This way we can maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter between each candidate.

Facilities and common areas in the building

You are not allowed to stay in or use the toilets, canteen or waiting areas that belong to the common areas of the building. 

Use the correct entrance

Before you come to Silurveien, it is important that you check in Studentweb which room you are sitting in. When you get to Silurveien, only use the entrances at the back of the building. Signs will direct you to the correct entrance to the exam rooms. There are separate entrances to the various exam rooms, so go to the correct entrance.

Admission to the exam rooms

Enter the exam rooms 45 minutes before the exam starts. You have to wait outside the building until the doors to the exam rooms open.

If there are many people waiting outside when the doors open, you will be admitted to the exam room in smaller pools to prevent queues in the stairwell. When you have entered your exam room, hang your outerwear and go straight to where you are to sit. You must not leave your place without the permission of an invigilator.

Candidate instructions 

Note that the candidates instructions will not hang at your desk. The instructions will be available digitally or they can be obtained on request.

Registration of attendance

During attendance registration / ID check, your picture ID card must be visible at your desk. It is not necessary that you sign the candidates list this semester.

After the exam

When you have finished the exam, you must leave the exam room immediately. Remember that you are not allowed to stay in the building after the exam. 


UiO's exam rooms are cleaned after each exam shift.