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Use of dictionarys at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Students may use dictionaries in some examinations. It is specified on the course page if you can use dictionaries or not. 

Which dictionaries may be used?

  • Language translation dictionaries may be used in examinations. A language translation dictionary is defined as a dictionary that simply gives equivalent words or phrases in two languages, without further explanatory text or description (including bokmål-nynorsk).
  • You may bring a maximum of two dictionaries.
  • Electronic dictionaries are not to be used in examinations.

The list is exhaustive and dictionaries that are not covered by the definition above are not allowed.

Dictionaries must be unmarked and free of notations.

What do I have to do prior to bringing a dictionary in examination?

  • Please hand in the dictionary to SV-infoDeadline: before 3 p.m. minimum three working days prior to the examination.
    • Example: If the examination is on Friday you must hand in the dictionary before 3 p.m. on Tuesday, and if the examination is on Monday you must hand in the dictionary before 3 p.m. on Wednesday.
  • Please fill in the dictionary form and submit it along with the dictionary.

The administration will control the dictionary and check for notes etc.

On the day of examination, make sure to arrive well before the exam starts and contact the invigilator to get your dictionary distributed.

Dictionary form (pdf)

You may get the dictionary form at SV-info.


If you violate the rules you may be suspected of cheating or attempted cheating.


Please contact SV-info

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