Erasmus+ traineeship

You can do a traineeship with Erasmus+  as part of your degree at UiO, or immediately after a completed degree. The host organisation can be a company, research centre, or other organisation in one of the 27 EU countries, the three EEA countries, and partners in Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. It is also possible to receive support for internships at Norwegian embassies in EU countries, Iceland, Turkey and Macedonia.  

Note! Due to COVID-19, valid health insurance and travel insurance is mandatory in order to receive an Erasmus+ grant. 

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  • You must be a full degree student at UiO when you apply.
  • The traineeship must be approved as part of your degree, unless you are doing a traineeship after completing the degree. 
  • You must have completed at least 60 ECTS credits before the traineeship starts.
  • The traineeship period must be a minimum of two months (60 days). 
  • A traineeship Learning Agreement must be completed and signed by all parties.

Students can receive Erasmus+ support for up to 12 months per study cycle (BA/MA/PhD). If you have completed a full year of exchange studies and/or traineeship in the same study cycle, you cannot apply for another Erasmus+ exchange. This is also the case if the previous exchange was from another institution than UiO. 

Language assessment

Most students will have to complete a free online language assessment before the exchange period, through the system Online Linguistic Support (OLS). The test will determine your proficiency level in the language you will use during your traineeship, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). You will take a new test after the exchange period, allowing you to measure the progress made during your stay abroad.

How does it work?

UiO will email you a user id and a password to access the OLS assessment.

Your host organisation will not be able to access the results of the assessment without your consent, and the results will not prevent you from taking part in Erasmus+.

If your result is B1 or lower, you will automatically receive an invitation to a free online language course in the OLS system. If your result is C2, the highest possible score, you will not be asked to complete a second assessment after the exchange period. 

Sign the Grant Agreement

Before you can receive the grant, you have to sign and submit an Erasmus+ Grant Agreement.

UiO will email you the grant agreement in May/June for exchanges in the autumn semester, and November/December for exchanges in the spring semester.

Learning Agreement for Traineeships

Before you go, you must contact your local study programme coordinator to prepare a Learning Agreement that describes the content and expected outcome of your traineeship. The Learning Agreement must be signed by you, the relevant coordinator at UiO, and your host institution. 

Equal opportunities - additional support

Erasmus+ aims to offer equal opportunities for all. This means that students with special needs and students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds can receive additional funding to facilitate the exchange. If you think you might qualify for additional funding, please contact the Erasmus team at To protect your personal data we ask that you do not send us sensitive information by email.

Grant payment

The Erasmus grant is meant to cover some of the extra costs related to living abroad, but is not meant to finance the semester in full. The grant amount is based on your destination and the duration of your semester. 

How much can I receive?

For the academic year 2019-2020:

  • € 660 per month for traineeships in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Sweden and the UK
  • € 610 per month for all other programme countries

Your grant is also based on the duration of your stay:

  • Start date: the first day you are required to be present at the host organisation.
  • End date: the last day you are required to be present at the host organisation.

The host organisation must confirm the start and end dates. If you travel to the host country earlier than required, for example for a language course, you will not receive grant support for this period. This also applies if you decide to stay in the host country after the confirmed end date. 

How and when will I receive the grant? 

As a rule, the grant is paid in two installments:

  • If the Erasmus team has been notified well ahead of the traineeship period, the main part of the grant will be paid before the traineeship starts. 
  • The remaining grant is paid when the traineeship is completed, about four weeks after you submit a final report and second OLS language test. 

Note that the grant is paid through UiO's salary system. The amount will be marked as salary, and UiO will automatically collect your electronic tax card. However, this is a standardised automatic procedure, and you are not required to pay taxes on the grant. 

UiO will transfer the grant in NOK to your Norwegian bank account. We use a standard exchange rate from Euro to NOK that is determined when we receive the funding from the European Commision. You are responsible for covering transaction costs, for example if you use a foreign bank account.

UiO receives EU funding per academic year. If you plan to do a traineeship for a full calendar year, from spring semester to autumn semester, you will receive support for one semester at a time. 

What if I cancel the traineeship?

If you decide to withdraw from the traineeship, you will have to pay back the grant in full. It is important that you notify the Erasmus team and your UiO faculty or department.

If you have to cancel the traineeship due to illness, you can apply to keep all or parts of the grant. You must document the illness with a note from your GP.  

Contact if this is the case, but do not send sensitive information. 


The host organisation must sign a confirmation as soon as possible after your arrival in order to confirm the duration of the traineeship.

Send the signed form to


Submit a report

You are required to submit a report upon your return. You will receive an email from EU Survey after the confirmed end date of your traineeship.

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