Housing for students accepted to an exchange programme

Unfortunately, due to limited number of available student housing, exchange students will not be guaranteed SiO housing in 2021 and spring 2022.

Housing through SiO spring 2022

We recommend that you apply for student housing through SiO within the deadline. However, we cannot guarantee that all incoming exchange students will receive a housing offer from SiO. 

Please note that if you have accepted a housing offer and choose not to come, you must notify SiO housing and cancel your housing contract. Failure to do so may result in a fee. Please contact SiO housing if you have any further questions.

SiO housing option for incoming exchange students

  • Exchange students can apply for a single furnished room. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will be offered a furnished room.
    • All furnished rooms include a bed, closet, desk, chair, bookshelf and a table.

    • All unfurnished single rooms are unequipped. You will have to obtain essentials such as a bed, desk, chair etc. on your own.

  • Fully equipped housing for students staying one semester
    • For exchange students staying for only one semester, SiO also offers fully equipped housing. See information about this on the website for Sogn Student Village. 

    • Please note that students staying for two semesters are not eligible to apply for fully equipped housing. If you consider extending your stay at UiO from one semester to two semesters, we recommend applying for other housing options at SiO, as the housing contract for this specific housing option cannot be extended.

Application deadline for housing with SiO

  • 1 June for students starting their studies in the autumn semester.
  • 1 November for students starting their studies in the spring semester.

If you miss the deadline, you will not be prioritised for housing. Please note that being on the prioritised housing list does not mean that you are guaranteed to receive a housing offer from SiO. We still recommend applying as soon as possible.

How to apply for SiO housing


  • Somewhere between 3700 NOK and 5200 NOK in rent on a monthly basis.
  • The price of rent will vary depending on location, room size and whether you have shared kitchen/bathroom facilities or not.

Internal moving

  • Exchange students are normally not eligible to apply for internal moving. This means that you can not apply for another type of housing after you have been granted an offer from SiO.

Family and couple apartments

  • You are not prioritised for family or couple apartments.
  • Due to very limited availability, it is unlikely that this housing option will be available from the beginning of your stay.
  • This means that you can expect to be on a waiting list for a very long time (longer than one year), for family and couple apartments.
  • We recommend you to check out the possibilities to rent a flat/room in the private market. You can find available flats to rent at finn.no or hybel.no.

Renting a room in the private market

In Norway, most flats or rooms that are available for rent are published at the website Finn.no, under "Bolig til leie"

The prioritised waiting list for SiO housing only applies:

  • If you apply within the deadlines.
  • If your housing contract begins 1 August / 1 January.
  • You are only prioritised housing once, the first time you apply and sign the contract.

Unfortunately, due to limited number of available student housing, exchange students will not be guaranteed SiO housing in 2021 and spring 2022 even if they are prioritised. 

Students who intend to apply for student housing with SiO must however follow the guidance above.  


    Contact Knutepunktet, International Student Reception - for questions regarding housing priority for international students.

    Contact SIO Housing - for questions regarding accessibility, picking up keys, moving in and late arrival.

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