Residence permit for non-EU/EEA citizens

Deadline: You must hand in all required documents by 1 July/1 December in order for the application of residence permit to be processed by UDI in time for the semester start.

Apply as soon as possible after admission

Apply for a residence permit first thing after you have received your admission letter from the University of Oslo. Please read all five steps before you register your application at!

Step 1: Prepare to register - find the information you need

You will need this information when registering your application for a student residence permit on 

  • UiO organisation number: 971 035 854
  • When asked to fill in "What is your planned address in Norway?"  click on "I cannot find the right address" and fill in the International Student Reception's address.
  • Address in Norway: c/o University of Oslo, International Student Reception, PO Box 1083 Blindern, N-0318 Oslo
  • When asked to fill in "House number and letter", fill in 0. 

Step 2: How to fill out education institution in the UDI application

When asked for information about the education institution, you must register UiO's organisation number: Image may contain: Font, Rectangle, Screenshot, Number.

Step 3: Documentation of financing

When asked "How much will you pay in tuition fees per semester?", fill in 0, as there are no tuition fees at the University of Oslo.

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Step 4: Required documents

Please see the list of documents you must hand in (

Some of the required documents are available in Søknadsweb:

  • Admission letter from the University of Oslo
  • Study Plan letter addressed to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)

The Study Plan letter will provide information about student housing.

  • Exchange students who need a residence permit to study in Norway, can submit the study plan letter as documentation of housing. Please be aware that you must have obtained housing before arriving in Norway. 
  • Please contact UDI for further information about what kind of documentation you may submit, if required. 

Unfortunately, due to limited number of available student housing, we cannot at this moment confirm that all international students will be guaranteed housing through SiO.

Step 5: Registering your application

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