Ice skating and activities at Tøyen

Join in for some traditional Norwegian ice skating and fun activities at Tøyen. Hot chocolate will be served at the ice rink.

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Foto: Jarli&Jordan/UiO

Take your buddy group to the ice rink and join us for an amazing day at exciting Tøyen! Get to know another area of Oslo, see beautiful sights and try a classic Norwegian winter activity - ice skating!

Because of the ice rink's limited capacity, your faculty has been given the following times:


  • The Faculty of Humanities
  • The Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • The Faculty of Medicine
  • The Faculty of Dentistry
  • The Faculty of Theology


  • The Faculty of Social Sciences
  • The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • The Faculty of Law

After 15:30, the ice rink is available for all, including the public.

Skate rental is free, but the facilities are limited. There are no toilets near the rink. Dress according to the weather – remember that it is cold in Norway.

Since there might be some waiting we also have other nearby activities for you to try. Explore the Tøyen area, home to the Botanical Gardens and lots of cosy cafés and restaurants such as Handwerk, Skatten and Postkontoret.

The Munch museum, the Museum of Cultural History and the Natural History Museum will also be open and with free entrance for all students. The National History Museum will hold one tour of the greenhouses at 1:00 PM, and one of the museum at 2:00 PM. These have very limited capacity, so you will need to sign up for these using the button below.

Sign up for guided tour of the Natural History Museum

You can also go for an art walk in the neighbourhood and try to find all the beautiful, crazy and strange wall arts.

If you are unsure how to get to the ice rink, or where your buddy group is, you can contact the buddy leader at your faculty.

Here you can find a map with the different locations and activities on Tøyen, and as you can see they are nearby each other and you can easily walk from place to place.

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