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Bicycle party: Auction and free bike workshop

Place a bid on a new bicycle, or get your old one fixed for free, at the bicycle party on 23rd August! 

UiO alongside Oslo kommune and Naturvernforbundet invites you to a bicycle party for students on Thursday 23rd August.

Here, you can purchase a cheap and good bike at the bike auction, or get your old one fixed for free.

Also, there will be lots of fun activities and competitions, a bicycle ice cream parlour, a bike coffee shop and food provided by SiO Mat & Drikke. 

Bike auction from 4.15pm - 6pm

80 used bicycles are up for auction. The cycles have been donated or found, and are fixed by Oslo Kollega, which is an organization that helps people to get employed. 

How does the auction work?

  • Include documentation that you are a student, such as the student-ID app or something else that proves you have paid the semester fee
  • Think through what type of bicycle you are looking for and set a budget for how much you want to spend
  • Check out the bikes from 12 noon
  • Note the number of the bikes you are interested in and get ready for auction at 4.15pm
  • Join the bidding round. You place a bid by raising your hand 
  • If you have the highest bid, you pay and pick up the bike immediately
  • The bike is paid with Vipps to No. 524283 or cash (exact amount)

Tips on how to make a good purchase at the auction

  • There is a varied selection of racing bicycles, retro bicycles and mountain bikes on sale at the auction. See a small selection at Naturvernforbundets web page.
  • The bicycles are used, but in good shape and newly repaired.
  • The bikes are numbered from 1-80 and will be exhibited outside Vilhelm Bjerknes hus and at Frederikkeplassen from 12 noon. We advise you to take a look at the cycles before the auction and note the number of the cycles your are interested in.
  • We do not know how much the cycles will end up costing, since that is down to demand. However, the asking prices will be student friendly

Bike workshop from 12 noon - 7pm

Naturvernstudentene på UiO - a student association at the UiO - will run a bike workshop on Frederikkeplassen. They help you do simple repairs yourself, and have also hired professional bike service representatives from RedBike to help with the more complex repairs. 

How does it work?

1. Bring your bike to Blindern on 23 August after 12 noon.
If your bike is in such a bad condition that you can not ride it, remember that you can take it free of charge on the tube outside of rush hour. In rush hour (7-9 and 15-18) you have to pay children fare for the bike.
2. Get in line and hand in your bike. We recommend arriving early. There is limited capacity. Visit the other stands with great bicycle offerings while you wait.
3. Get the bike fixed! At the workshop we can help you to: 
· Adjust brakes, change them if needed
· Adjust gears
· Check the wires, change them if needed
· Full check of the frame
· Check tires, air pressure if required
· Check and tighten the seat, seat post, steer and steering wheel
It will be possible to buy some extra parts.

Activities and information stands from 12 noon - 7pm

Try an electric bike or a cargo bike, get a free Oslo Bysykkel hire card, pimp your bike and get useful tips and maps for your next cycle adventure in Oslo. 


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