Learning outcomes

New Learning outcomes for students attending this study programme from fall 2018

Learning outcome for students attending this study programme 2017 or earlier

What will you learn?

General learning outcomes

• In-depth knowledge of a broad range of methods and techniques for analysis and problem solving within the fields of astronomy and astrophysics.
• The ability to apply these methods in advanced basic research.

Target knowledge and understanding

• In-depth knowledge of a specific field within astronomy and astrophysics through a research programme you will conduct and subsequently present as an academic thesis.
• An understanding of methods from physics, statistics and informatics, and the application and interpretation of these methods.

Target skills

• Skills required for conducting independent basic research, and the ability to think academically and analytically.
• Good practical skills in the use of relevant programming tools.
• The ability to collaborate with academic specialists from other fields of study.
• The ability to express yourself in a precise academic manner.
• The ability to actively use existing literature in order to gain insight into the work of others and support your own specialist problems.

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