Admission is once a year. The deadline is 1 March. You can apply from 15 January.

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Admission requirements

Admission to career:Asia studies requires:

  • Higher Education Entrance Qualification from Norway or other Nordic countries (GSK)
  • a Bachelor's degree
  • a specialization defined by the programme
  • a minimum grade average of C or equivalent from the specialization in your degree

Programme specialization

One of the following:

  • 80 credits within Chinese language at BA-level and 40 credits within East Asian and/or China area studies
  • 80 credits within Japanese language at BA-level and40 credits within East Asian and/or Japan area studies
  • 80 credits within Hindi language at BA-level and 40 credits within South Asia area studies


You have to upload all required documents in UiO's online application portal.

Ranking of applicants

All applications are evaluated by an Admission committee. The applications will be ranked after a thorough assessment. Applicants are ranked according to their grade average in the specialization of their degree. Additional rankings are:

Letter of motivation

Application shall be accompanied by a letter of motivation (maximum one A4 page ) with a description of: 

  • Interest in the study
  • Experiences from studies abroad (China, Japan or India)
  • Your line of professional interests


Qualified applicants will be called in for an interview between 20th and 26th March 2017.

Recognition of prior education

If you have previous higher education, you may apply for specific recognition of this education as part of your degree. Education from both Norwegian and non-Norwegian higher education institutions may be recognised. Recognition depends upon whether the education meets the specific requirements of your degree. Read more about recognition of prior education.