Development, Environment and Cultural Change (master's two years)

What are the key systemic causes of the so-called Anthropocene era, how are different lives lived under this new planetary condition, and what are the main challenges in creating more sustainable futures? These are some of the questions you can explore in this programme.

Employment opportunities

  • remme-anette-200x228 Project Leader

    Focus on the subjects you like the most and make sure to get contacts and practical experience through a part time job or voluntary work, says Anette Remme. She is working at The Norwegian Association of Youth with Disabilities's.

  • korsnes-marius-200x200 Postdoctoral researcher

    Be proactive, be bold, do not give up, believe in yourself and don’t panic. That is Marius Korsnes best tip to new students. Marius is now a postdoctoral researcher at NTNU.

Duration:2 years

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