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Career interviews

The good foundation in theory, methods and analysis that I learned in the CIE programme have been invaluable in all the work I have done since

The CIE programme gave me the chance to open a new paradigm in my professional career. That is, getting more knowledge and competencies that allow me to understand better the complexities of the education sector and formulate possible solutions.

CIE helps me to better understand what happens in the field of education worldwide

One of the great things about the CIE program is the ability to tailor your studies around your specific interest and background.

"This program and the people I have met within it will forever influence all the aspects of my life going forward."

The CIE master has been critical in getting me where I am today.

My CIE master has really propelled me to my current position. It made me stand out among my peers due to its international and comparative Dimension.

One of the most important factors for my employment was the insight into ICT in teacher education I have from a comparative and international angle.

The knowledge gained from the CIE programme largely prepared me for my academic journey and equipped me with a completely new way of thinking

I chose CIE because of the opportunity to learn in another country and in a style different from what I was used to. I was attracted to the prestige of CIE and the beauty of Norway.

Studying Comparative and International Education at the University of Oslo completely changed the way I think about education.

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Remysell Salas tells about how the programme has opened new doors to him, among others how he has landed two internships in New York.