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Field work grant


The Department of Sociology and Human Geography provides financial assistance to partially cover expenses incurred while carrying out a field work abroad. The field work must be related to the Master thesis you, as a student in the Master in Development Geography programme, are required to write. The field work must be of at least 7 weeks duration, and it must be necessary for the completion of the Master thesis.

Applications should be no more than 8 pages (everything included), and should cover:

  1. The research question
  2. Methodology
  3. Theory
  4. The planned budget
  5. Plan of progress
  6. The name of your supervisor

Annual application deadline is 7 April.
Please send the application electronically to:

Applications will, if necessary, be ranked in order of merit. The available budget will determine the number and the size of the grants awarded.

Payment of field work grant

Field work grants awarded by the Department of Sociology and Human Geography are not paid in advance. The grant is payable on the production of receipts for the expenses you have incurred while carrying out your field work. The field work grant does not cover expenses related to food, MP3-players/recorders or cameras. If you have expenses before you depart for your field work (an airline ticket, for example), the expences can be reimbursed before you leave, as long as you can produce an original receipt for payment of the ticket (and all ticket stubs when you return).

How to proceed:

  • Complete the form Expense Refund (please feel free to contact the student adviser for assistance)
  • Include the original receipts
  • Airline ticket stubs (if reimbursed airline ticket before leaving)
  • Include a copy of your award letter

The form must be submitted to the student adviser upon your return to Norway, and no later than one month after the completion of your field work.

Travel assistance from the Norwegian State Eduational Loan Fund (Lånekassen)

Students on the Quota Scheme must apply for financial assistance from the Norwegian State Eduational Loan Fund (Lånekassen).

For more information contact the International Education Office at the University of Oslo.

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