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Analyst for NyAnalyse

Mari develops analyses related to business, economics and politics.

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How did you get the job?

As a student, I was active in Osloensis Finance Student Association. Through this association I met active fellow students, among them Andreas Ringen, a fifth year student at the Economics Department.

Andreas later went on to found NyAnalyse with Terje Strøm.  When I graduated, I applied for a position at NyAnalyse, who were looking for a new project manager who could quickly get to work. 

What are your tasks in your current job?

In NyAnalyse we work on a project basis. We are a small company where you have different roles depending on the assignment. I often have the role of project manager, but I also work as part of a group as a whole. 

I work with different areas, but mostly with projects related to real estate. For example, I have just been a project manager for an evaluation of real estate policy in Kristiansand municipality.

At the turn of the year, the preparation of real estate forecasts take up much of my time. We also provide ongoing contributions to large and small players. 

How is the knowledge you acquired through studying economics relevant to your current job?

I especially use tools used in tools used in econometrics, statistics and data analysis. 

My interest in the real estate market started when I wrote a Master's thesis at the Department of Economics.

The master thesis was about real estate prices and the likelihood of big drops in prices in OECD countries, and I have further developed this interest through my job at NyAnalyse and various projects.

Do you have any career advice for new students?

Working as a consultant, you will work independently and have a lot of responsibility. You have to become comfortable with speaking in meetings, giving presentations, attending conferences and maintaining a network. In addition, you must also have a good academic understanding.

The time I invested in extracurricular activities plays a role today. It has been a great advantage to enter the workplace with a large network and more skills.

If you’re like me, and not sure what you would like to do, try different things and challenge yourself. Then you will find out what you want to do eventually. 


(The interview was originally conducted in Norwegian, and is translated to English).


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