Why choose this programme?

Electronics and computer science is the foundation for continuous technological progress within fields such as communication, logistics, medicine, research and entertainment. This programme will give you a solid background to take part in the society's technological development.

The master's programme is a collaboration between the Department of Physics and the Department of Informatics, and has two branches of study:

The programme offers research related training through working on a substantial project (60 credits) in close cooperation with established research communities. The programme will give you vocational insight and train your analytical skills in order for you to offer significant contributions within research and innovation, and all areas of society of which technology is essential, such as energy and environment, medicine and health, information and communication technology, transport, the food industry and management.  

Study environment

You are supposed to thrive with us as a student! The semester starts with joint meetings for all new students, in which you'll have the opportunity to become familiar with both new and old students and the staff, in terms of the study and socially.

If you have questions regarding practicalities of your study, or need guidance, you can contact us.

The University of Oslo has a rich student life with over 200 students' unions. You may for example become a member of the Students' Electronics Union, which is the students' union tied to the programme. They arrange company presentations and vocational social get-togethers.

Studies abroad

We have thriving exchange agreements in Canada, but it is also possible to travel to for example The United States, France, Italy and The Czech Republic. Read more about Exchange.

Further studies and work

The work opportunities exist in many different industries and professions, for example within many areas of technological companies, like telecommunications, environmental surveillance, automation, microelectronics and medicine.

You can also work with teaching, research and development in both private and governmental businesses, sales and marketing of technology, or computer system operations and program development in industry and public management.

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Published May 23, 2017 12:27 PM - Last modified June 26, 2019 11:00 AM