Master thesis and finishing the programme in Entrepreneurship

This page outlines the time line, processes and criteria for the master thesis, as well as pointing to some resources which might be of help when you are writing your thesis.

Time line for the master thesis

The short thesis (30 ECTS) should be executed the final semester of the master studies, after completing and passing all theoretical courses. The short thesis has a duration of 17 weeks, with a fixed date for starting and completing. If the thesis is not completed within the deadline, it will be considered as fail. See the dates for start and submission for master theses.

Submission of thesis and examination

As with the rest of the students at the Department of Informatics, the master's programme in Entrepreneurship ends with a final exam consisting of the submission and assessment of the research report, and a public presentation. Read more about finishing your Master thesis at the Department of Informatics.  


Each project is appointed a supervisor as part of the course ENT5100. The student is also free to seek complementary supervision resources.

You will have to turn in an agreement form (see right column), which must be signed by the supervisor(s) and the student. You turn in the form to the student reception. Note that we do not accept forms via email.

The responsibilities of the student and the supervisor is clearly stated in the form, which we ask you to read carefully before submitting.

During the process of writing a short thesis, the student should expect at least 25 hours of counseling. Experience shows that supervision makes the greatest difference in the beginning (problem formulation, thesis planning) and the end of the thesis writing process (consistency, coherence), with follow-up checks during the middle period of writing.

Structure, assessment and formal criteria for the master thesis

A signed project description must be formally accepted by your supervisor before the thesis work starts. The thesis is typically 40-60 pages long (if two authors up to 80 pages) written with normal margins, 1,5 line space in Times New Roman 12pts. It should follow the standard format as presented in Wilson (2010) from ENT5100.

Consult Wilson (2010) in all these matters. As provided in the Library session in ENT5100 and writing styles as recommended in Wilson (2010) (required reading in ENT5100). Use the AMJ style guide. In assessing the quality of the thesis and setting a grade, examiners will use the guidelines of this book.

Here are approved thesis templates from DUO.

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