You do not need to found a company to be an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur does not only refer to an individual that is establishing a new business from scratch. Entrepreneurs are a critical resource for transforming many established organizations by creating innovative products and services. The MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management Innovation program will help you to obtain both the necessary skills to build your own company and to work with innovation within an existing organization.

Innovation in excisting organisations. Illustration photo:

Entrepreneurs are important for both established and new organizations

Many people associate entepreneurs only with individuals that have started their own start-up company, establishing a founding team that together build the company from buttom up. However, entrepreneurs are by no means limited to start-up companies. Entrepreneurs are a vital resource in a large number of established organizations driving change from within, transforming their host organization by creating new innovative products and/or services. Entrepreneurs working within existing organizations are also known as corporate entrepreneurs.

Large and growing demand for corporate entrepreneurs

As new technologies are changing both business practices and customer behaviour, the ability to adapt to these changes are becoming more critical for existing organizations. Particularly for large incumbent organizations that traditionally have been slow to adapt.  As the rate of change shows no sign of slowing down, the demand for entrepreneurs will probably spread to organizations throughout society and will most likely remain high for a long time to come. Private companies will not be alone. Public administration and non-profit service organizations will also be affected. Employees with training in entrepreneurship will be a vital resource for all of them.

The MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management programme covers both start-up and corporate entrepreneurship

Although the start-up environment and the corporate environment are very different, the fundamental skills and knowhow you need to master as a successful entrepreneur are fundamentally the same, both practically and psychologically. Moreover, your motivation may change over time. While starting a company from scratch may appear as a frightening endeavour at first, as you gain experience from the corporate sector, you may develop an irresistible desire to one day found your own firm and becoming your own boss; or maybe you simply need to go down that road to land a job at all.

For this reason, the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management programme is designed to train all students in the programme to operate in both a start-up and a corporate environment. The learning is augmented through real-world experiences. After an introductory first semester, the second semester centres on how to initiate and grow a new start-up project. Supported by courses, students organized in teams will develop a start-up project from scratch. The teams are co-located in a local incubator together with other start-up companies. In the third semester, programme students will apply their learning from the start-up environment to the corporate arena. Supported by courses, students organized in teams will carry out a predefined project in a medium-to-large local company.  

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