- We actually get to start a company

1st year student Stian Skulstad went from information science to business development. Now he and his co-students are working with their start-up at STARTUPLAB.

Why did you apply for MSc in Entrepreneurship?

I have been involved in case competitions previously, and I started a company during my bachelor degree. I thought it was very exciting. I also have a technical background, and I wanted to supplement with business development. When I saw this program, it seemed relevant regardless of what kind of job I want later.

How does a MSc in Entrepreneurship fit with a BA in Information Science?

This semester we are starting a company, where we develop a product. So I use my technical skills to make the product. Then I use what we learn in the Master's program in regards to marketing and business development. I think they fit very well together.

Is it challenging to go from information science to learn about business development?

There has been a lot of new things to learn, coming from a technical background. But we start from the beginning with finance, and you are not expected to have much background knowledge. But you have to work hard to keep up.

How does the Master of Entrepreneurship differ from your previous studies?

There is a big difference is the structure of the study. Entrepreneurship is very hands-on and usable. In the first semester there was a lot of theory and school, while this semester we are starting a company. The next semester is an internship all semester.

What do you like the most about the Master's program?

That it is very practical. We actually get the opportunity to actually start a company, we not only read books on how to do it. Right now we are four groups that are trying to start a company, it is very challenging and very fun. We have a lot of freedom.

See the video about Stians project på STARTUPLAB

How is the class environment?

The classroom environment is very good. We are a small class, so we work closely together. It is also quite social - we have been on a cabin trip, we went bowling, we have had dinner together. Academically it is also very stimulating, as we have a wide range of academic backgrounds. We have everything from engineer in underwater technology, chemistry, system developers. It is very exciting to work with them.

Are you planning to start a business?

It's very likely. If not right now, maybe in ten years or so. But either way, what we are learning now will still be very relevant in the future.

Does the study fit for someone who is not planning to start a business?

Yes, I think so. The knowledge we get is forward-looking and we learn everything from teamwork and leadership to presentation techniques. I think this fits into most jobs.


Published Mar. 27, 2019 4:35 PM - Last modified Oct. 31, 2019 12:43 PM