Teaching and examinations

The Master’s degree programme emphasizes group work, case learning as well as project work. Students will work with real cases to a large extent, and also have internships in start-ups as part of the MSc programme.

The students will utilize their knowledge from their Bachelor degree to implement a time-limited research- and/or development project with help from a supervisor. Through the programme the candidate will acquire sufficient scientific, technical and management expertise to be able to understand issues and possible solutions.

The Master's degree shall give the candidate experience in working independently as well as being a part of a research team. The teaching methods used provide the candidates training in organizing and planning their work so that the project will be carried out in accordance with the allotted resources and within clear deadlines.

The programme will equip the candidates with skills in analyzing, evaluating and disseminating information, theories, ideas, problems and solutions in their own field of study both in writing and orally.




Universitetet i Oslo

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