Available places

35 in total

Admission requirements

Admission to this programme requires:

Language requirements:

University of Oslo track:

  • English language proficiency documented by one of the tests/exams below:
    a) Passed examination in English foundation course (140 hours/5 periods per week) in Norwegian upper secondary school with a minimum grade of 4 (or an equivalent grade from a Nordic upper secondary school) or alternatively passed examination in English from second and/or third school year, or
    b) an internationally recognized English language proficiency test.

Bergen University College  track:

  • You must fulfil the requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualification (generell studiekompetanse (in Norwegian)). This includes proficiency in Norwegian language.


You have to upload all required documents in UiO's online application portal.

If you have completed your degree, or parts of your degree, outside of Norway you must also submit course descriptions. This also applies to you if you finished your degree in Norway more than ten years ago. 

Applicants to this programme must also upload the following documentation:

  1. CV
  2. Motivation letter

Your motivation letter should be between ½ page – maximum 1 page, addressing the following:

  • Why are you applying to this program and what are your expectations?
  • What are you passionate about? Also, describe an accomplishment you are particularly proud of and why it was important to you.
  • What kind of experiences do you have from working in teams and how do you function in such settings?
  • This master's program is an interactive full-time study that requires consistent participation in both lectures and group projects. How do you see your ability to attend the lectures and participate in group work throughout the program?

Applicants from North Korea

This programme is covered by the regulations on export control. UiO will therefore conduct a specific evaluation of applicants from North Korea.

Ranking of applicants

Applicants are ranked according to their grade average in the specialization of their degree. Applicants who cannot be ranked according to their grade average, will be ranked on the basis of an individual assessment.

Admission to this programme is usually highly competitive. Please note that even if you fulfill the minimum grade requirement, this does not guarantee you a study place in the programme.

You normally cannot be admitted to a master's degree programme or study option within the same subject area as a previously completed master's degree at the University of Oslo.

Additional points may be given for the motivation letter.

Recognition of prior education

If you have previous higher education, you may apply for specific recognition of this education as part of your degree. Education from both Norwegian and non-Norwegian higher education institutions may be recognised. Recognition depends upon whether the education meets the specific requirements of your degree. Read more about recognition of prior education.

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