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Programme structure

The programme encompasses 9 courses in total (each of 10 credits) together with a master's thesis (30 credits), in which five courses are compulsory and four courses are optional. The compulsory courses will give the students a solid base in macro- and microeconomics, as well as in mathematics and econometrics. A normal work load per semester is three courses on each 10 credits (30 credits), but it is allowed to take more than these three courses. The programme starts in the autumn term (August). This following sequence of courses is recommended:

4. semester Thesis Optional ECON4000 course
3. semester Thesis Or: ECON4925 – Resource Economics Optional ECON4000 course
2. semester Choose one or two of the following: ECON4910 – Environmental Economics and/or ECON4915 – Development Economics Optional ECON4000 course Optional ECON4000 course
1. semester ECON4145 ECON4135 – Applied statistics and econometrics (discontinued) ECON4235 – Microeconomic Theory (discontinued) Microeconomic Theory
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits

The first semester. The first semester comprises three compulsory courses:

These three courses have to be passed to be able to continue on the programme. If a student fails in any of those exams at the first attempt, a new attempt will be allowed in the beginning of the following semester (the general rule of three attempts does not apply for these three courses).

The second semester. In the second semester the student can choose the fourth and the fifth compulsory course: ECON4910 Environmental Economics and ECON4915 Development Economics (these two courses are ONLY arranged in the spring semester), and one optional course.

Alternatively it is possible to choose the fourth compulsory course this semester in addition to two optional courses, and the fifth compulsory course ECON 4925 Resource Economics next semester.

The third semester. An alternative is to take the fifth compulsory course, ECON4925 Resource Economics, in the third semester and one optional course, in additon to start working on the thesis ECON 4090

If the fourth and the fifth compulsory course are already chosen, the option is to choose two optional courses in addition to start working on the thesis.

The fourth semester. The fourth and last semester the student can take one optional course in addition to completing the thesis. At the end of the programme an oral exam will be held. The oral exam covers in principal the topics of all courses as well as the thesis.

Diploma and degree

This programme leads to the following degree: Master of Philosophy in Environmental and Development Economics
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