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Teaching and examinations

Teaching and learning methods

Teaching and learning methods will vary according to which courses you choose. The programme consists of various teaching forms, but mainly there will be lectures and seminar groups in each course. You are encouraged to participate in discussions in the seminars and will gain experience in written exercises.

The master's thesis is tutored by a teacher or by a professional or research economist appointed by the department, and is aimed to give the students first hand training with applied economic analysis and professional writing. The thesis requires half a year's full time work load (50-60 pages). The thesis has to be submitted for assessment within the announced deadline at the end of the programme.


Universitetet i Oslo

Forms of examination and assessment

Exams and forms of assessments will vary according to what courses you chose. The programme consists of various forms of assessment like school examinations, take-home examinations and compulsory term papers. At the end of the programme, students take an oral exam. Topics here will often be your master's courses, and topics related to the thesis.

Language of examination

In the courses comprising the programme, the exam question papers are given in English, and the answer papers are normally supposed to be delivered in English. The course descriptions provide more information about requirements concerning the language of examination

Grading scale

The programme contains both courses using the pass/fail scale and courses using the grading scale with five steps from A to E for pass and F for fail, cf. § 6.1 i Forskrift om studier og eksamener ved Universitetet i Oslo (Norwegian only). Each course description provides more information about the grading scale in use.

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