Gender Studies (master's two years)

Are you interested in a programme that opens doors to the labour market? A master's degree in Gender Studies will give you the ability to work independently on issues relating to gender, feminism, gender equality, power, and knowledge production in an interdisciplinary way.

Career Interviews

  • Portrait photo, woman, smile, brown hair, colorful top Political adviser

    The most important thing I learned at the Faculty of Humanities is interdisciplinary thinking and the ability to look at an issue from more than one perspective, says Sara.

  • Portrait photo, woman, glasses, brown hair, long hair, green and white shirt, indoors Secretary/ expert group investigator

    “In my job it is important to enjoy writing, be able to accept feedback and understand theoretical and ideological nuances. That is where my background from HF comes in!” explains Ingvil.

  • Portrait photo, young woman, black hair, smile, black t-shirt, outside, summer Secretary for youth and academic assistant

    “I am really very fortunate to work with something I feel passionate about”, says Linn. She encourage students to keep an open mind and do research to find their dream workplace.