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Learning outcomes

The master programme in Geophysics prepare students for a career in the petroleum industry and in the associated seismic processing companies, in geophysical prospecting in relation in particular to geotechnical studies, or in more specialized disciplines such as seismology.

Geophysics means physics of the Earth, and you will learn about the different techniques used to map and analyze the physical properties of the Earth. Seismic prospecting is a core method in geophysical methods at all scales and is therefore central in this study. Electromagnetic methods, analysis of the gravity field, heat transfer are also important aspects.

Computational skills are essential in geophysics and you will be trained using modern computer facilities for processing, interpretation, modelling and visualization of geological and geophysical data. You will also learn to program some small codes yourself. Some courses have a field component. Training in oral and written presentation of scientific results is an integrated part of the study.

The study also provides a solid basis if you want to pursue your studies towards a Ph.D.

Published June 6, 2012 10:00 AM