Mandatory information meeting

Welcome as a new student at the Department of Geosciences. This is a welcome meeting for all new students in the master programme Geosciences with useful information about the studies and study start. 

It is mandatory to meet and if you are unable to attend, you must give us a notice of your absence in advance.

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The information meeting is mandatory for new master students admitted to the Master's programme at the Department of Geosciences, autumn 2019.

Are you unable to be present?

Students that are unable to meet, must send an email prior to the information meeting to and notify us in order to keep their admission at the master programme. Students failing to to so, will have their admission withdrawn.

Information from the meeting will be put available at this page after the meeting and students who are unable to attend (and have given notice of their absence prior to the first lecture) must familiarize themselves with the information on their own.

Final date of arrival

Students that are not present at the information meeting at 14 August must, within Friday 13th September 2019, drop by the student administration (room 111) and confirm your arrival by personal attendance. If you are not able to do so, your MSc admission will be cancelled. Email is not accepted. 

Programme for the information meeting

Before the start of the information meeting at 10:00 AM, meet up for registration and coffee. 

From 10:00 - 12:00

  • Welcome by the Head of Department, Professor Brit Lisa Skjelkv√•le.
  • Information from the Student administration by student adviser, Karl Johan Ullavik Bakken.

From 12:00 - 13:00

  • Free lunch in the Geology building.

From 13:00 - to ca 14:00

You will meet the programme coordinator of your programme option. In separate meetings you will have the chance to discuss the course of study, courses etc with the coordinator of your programme. The places for these meetings are:

Programme option Room
Environmental Geoscience Kurssal, room U37 (sub floor)
Geohazards and Geomechanics Auditorium 1, room 106, 1st floor
Geomorphology and Geomatics Mellomrommet, room 102, 1st floor
Geophysics and Geodynamics Wagener room, 1.211, CEED, ZEB-building
Hydrology and Glaciology Meeting room 317, 3rd floor
Meteorology and Oceanography MetOs, Oslo Science Park
Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry Skolestua room 114, 1st floor
Petroleum Geoscience Valhall, room 219, 2nd floor
Sedimentology, Paleontology and Stratigraphy IT-lab, room 209, 2nd floor
Structural Geology and Tectonics Auditorium 2, room 103, 1st floor

All meetings takes place in the Geology building unless other is stated.

Study start - tentative social programme

Click here for an overview of the programme of the day (.pdf)

Important deadlines for registrations

  • 15 August - Deadline for registration for courses in the autumn semester in StudentWeb.
    • Students sign up for courses in StudentWeb. Study rights will be assigned in time for the meeting.
  • 1 September - Deadline for paying the semester fee and registration for the semester in StudentWeb.

Click here for more information about course registration deadlines.

Week 34 - The lectures begin!

During these weeks, the lectures in most of the courses start up. See the course semester page for time and place for the first lecture. All courses at the Department of Geosciences have mandatory attendance on the first lecture.

If you have problems making it to the first lecture, you inform the Student administration of your absence before the first lecture. Otherwise you will be removed from class and examination.

Completed courses prior to admission

Students who have completed master's courses prior to the admission should note that they must submit the application for approval of master study plan as early as possible in the first semester.

Getting to the University of Oslo

For those of you that have not been at the campus area at Blindern yet, notice that you can find a description of how to arrive at Blindern, see map over campus and where to locate the Geology building here:

Contact us if questions

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Student administration:

For academic questions, please refer to your contact person at the programme option.

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