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Learning outcomes

The Masters in Education Policies for Global Development (GLOBED) aims to set new standards as a Masters in the field of globalization, education and international development.  The programme aims at educating both researchers and practitioners in the field of education and development in order to provide the necessary skills and competencies for them to carry out research and projects on educational policy for a global development in different regions around the world.

Upon completion of the programme, the students should be able to:


  • Analyse and describe current trends and issues that are connected to the development and change of education systems in their societal contexts  at macro, meso and/or micro levels
  • Analyse educational policies and practices and take into account the broader and complex contexts in which education policies are designed, disseminated and enacted.


  • Distinguish between different levels of analysis and understand how the different levels interact in analysis of international and national policies.
  • Challenge positivistic approaches to educational policy analysis and develop methodological strategies that aim to empirically test what policies works for whom and under which circumstances.
  • Analyse current educational policies programmes for development using methodological tools to evaluate which policies work under what circumstance.


  • Document analytical competencies in major areas of the field of Education and Development
  • Communicate and discuss research-based knowledge in the field of Education and Development with professionals and non-professionals
  • Contribute to alternative strategies of education policy for social and economic development
  • Apply knowledge gained in a hands-on practical approach through relevant internship
  • Contribute to the field of Education and Development through project implementation and research
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